Let's Talk Bathrooms

We specialise in bathroom design and installations including ensuites and cloakrooms.

We put our heart and soul into making sure that our clients are immersed in the creative process of designing their new bathroom.

When clients make that decision to invest in renovating, re-modelling or simply wanting to update their existing spaces, then we want to make sure that each bathroom fulfils every client’s dreams and aspirations.

The design process begins with:- 

  • Why are you changing your existing bathroom?
  • What are looking to achieve from your new space?
  • What bathroom style are you attracted to?
  • Which accessories excite and inspire you? 


Every client is different and at CNG Design, we want to make sure that we ‘get’ you. This means spending time with you, one to one, so that we can bring your dream bathroom to life.


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Our Brands

Aqualla Brassware

Headquartered in Newtownards (Northern Ireland) Aqualla are a local, dedicated team of bathroom brassware specialists pooling many years of experience to service customers throughout Ireland and the UK.

Drawing on many years combined experience in the industry, Aqualla offers a unique range of bathroom components, blending distinctive designs with practicality for both classic and contemporary living.

Crosswater Brassware

Crosswater has a bathroom obsession. They understand bathrooms. Over the past twenty years bathrooms have evolved from a basic space for washing and cleansing to an emotional where relaxation and rejuvenation are just as important. Crosswater has responded with an impressive and extensive range of products to delight discerning customers.

Design choices offer styling options and products that allow you to create distinctive bathrooms.

Eco Bathrooms

Eco Bathrooms is a proud member of the Bathroom Manufacturer Association (BMA). Their bathroom furniture is designed around three fundamental principles: making best space of the room available; using fittings and components high in specification; making it easy to install.

These principles are as true today as they were when the product design was conceived.

Space – representing a carefully selected range of fitted bathroom furniture units, enabling the smallest of rooms to provide needed storage space for everyday requirements.

Style – is equally at home in a cloakroom, en-suite or bathroom. Uncomplicated and designed to be used as individual pieces but flexible enough to be mixed with the other 2 flavours to complete the perfect bathroom.

Design – a carefully selected range of modular bathroom furniture units.


Home is where the heart is, and when it comes to the bathroom, we all need a space which soothes the body and stirs the soul. HiB’s desire is to help homeowners find their signature bathroom style and provide the ‘wow’ which comes from a beautifully styled interior.

They believe in perfection made personal, and our extensive collection of bathroom products has eye-catching options for everyone. Whether their dream bathroom is cool and contemporary, traditional and timeless, or artfully avant-garde, our range of lighting, mirrors, cabinets and furniture helps customers to create their dream design without compromise.

HiB has created a huge change within the industry. Before the brand’s inception, bathroom mirrors and cabinets were seen as add-on products. Today, as a result of HiB’s cutting-edge design, their range of products have been elevated to show-stopping ‘must haves’, revolutionising the bathroom sector to an unprecedented degree.

As an industry innovator, HiB pioneered technology such as LED lighting, steam-free mirrors and cabinets, built-in USB charging sockets and Bluetooth connectivity.


Italian by design, Novellini manufacturer a vast range of extremely high quality shower enclosures which they say, are probably the most versatile on the market – anything is possible in terms of scale and design.

Novellini shower enclosures are the epitome of comfort and style. Thanks to the importance they place on innovation and the latest in technology, such as the use of new tracks for some products, stability is the strength of their shower enclosures, as well as being a unique design item that can be highly customised 


Pelipal bathroom furniture has been designed and developed for more than 100 years. They have great knowledge and experience in furniture production to deliver fitted bathrooms to impressive quality, design and functionality standards.

The range of products is massive and you really are best taking advice from one of our bathroom designers. Whether you’re looking for a new cloakroom or a complete bathroom refit then this range will have something for you.

We can help provide ideas and inspiration to help create your dream bathroom.

Utopia Bathrooms

For more than three decades Utopian have been committed to providing the very best bathroom solutions possible.

Through creative design, tireless research and development and continued investment in the very latest manufacturing processes, Utopia are confident that their bathrooms really do symbolise British made Bathroom Perfection.

The Process

Let’s reflect on how you envision your bathroom serving you. Are you seeking a tranquil oasis where you can unwind in a luxurious bath or a sleek, stylish shower space?

Consider the essential elements you desire in your bathroom. Think about storage for towels and accessories, the design and finish of fixtures, and any decorative flourishes to enhance the feel.

Picture your current bathroom devoid of fixtures. Then, visualise the ambiance, aesthetics, and functionality you wish to enjoy within the space.

Understanding the dimensions of your space is key in maximising its potential. Take a step back and imagine how you intend to utilise the room. This will inform your decisions on the size and style of fixtures, as well as any additional features you may wish to incorporate.

Ensure adequate floor space for maneuvering comfortably and any occasional furniture you envision adding to the space.

Identify the essential components you deem necessary for your upcoming bathroom renovation. Establish a budget that aligns with your financial comfort, remembering to account for accessories, wallpaper, tiles, paint, and other finishing touches.

Schedule a consultation with us at CNG Design, where our expertise will guide you through the process. We’ll visit your space, take accurate measurements, and offer tailored guidance on optimising your bathroom.

During this consultation, share your vision for your dream bathroom with us. What specific features are you eagerly anticipating in your new space?

After gathering your requirements, we’ll begin crafting a blueprint for your new bathroom, igniting the magic of transformation!

Explore a wealth of design concepts, fixtures, fittings, and decor styles. Take inspiration from our bathroom display areas, showcasing a diverse array of ranges and styles, ranging from contemporary and streamlined to refined and graceful.

For smaller spaces, opt for neutral, light hues to enhance the sense of openness. Resist the urge to overcrowd your space with furniture and accessories, as it can create clutter and diminish the perceived size of the room—minimalism reigns supreme in achieving an inviting atmosphere.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a detailed CAD drawing illustrating the layout of your revamped bathroom, offering a firsthand glimpse into the desired space.

During this phase, it’s imperative to approve all selected furniture, units, and accessories, ensuring alignment with your vision. This step facilitates timely ordering of all necessary items, streamlining the preparation for installation.

At CNG Design, we strive to simplify the entire process of installing your new bathroom, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

With years of expertise in bathroom installations, our team delivers professionalism and precision, leaving you confident in your choice of us.

We manage all facets of the installation, coordinating with skilled tradespeople involved in the process. Rest assured, our in-house installation team comprises highly skilled professionals in joinery, plumbing, plastering, and electrical work.

Throughout the project, we prioritise respect for your home. We handle the removal and disposal of the old bathroom, packaging, and any debris generated during installation. Each workday concludes with meticulous cleanup, ensuring your home remains clean and orderly not just upon project completion, but at the end of every day.

Q. What have you done in the past that you are most proud of?
A. Being part of the set up of our new showroom in Laurencekirk High Street.
Q. Out of work, what do you like doing the most?
A. Hill Walking
Q. What’s your favourite music.
A. Rock
Q. Dogs or Cats?
A. Dogs
Q. Pizza or Burgers?
A. Burgers!
Q. What do you count as being your best quality?
A. Honest, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, warm and friendly