CNG Design has years of experience in designing and fitting bedrooms across Aberdeen City and Shire

As always, we take great care to take down a detailed brief of your likes, dislikes, individual taste and storage requirements, right at the beginning of the project.

We use Holcombe and Trend Interiors for fitted bedroom furniture which come in a range of options to fit your lifestyle, such as fitted wardrobes, sliding doors, dressing rooms, walk-in wardrobes and co-ordinating furniture.

Storage is usually high up on our clients’ priority list and we never compromise on how we maximise space, style and storage in any room, especially awkward spaces.  Your new bedroom should be not just beautiful, but beautifully organised.

With our new showroom on the High Street in Laurencekirk, why not come in and visit us so we can take you round and show you all the amazing space-saving options.

When you feel ready to take the next step forward, we will arrange a mutually convenient time to come round and measure up your space. It also allows us to offer our professional advice and guidance on how to maximise all storage opportunities.

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The Process

It’s time to consider the way you will use your bedroom. Do you want somewhere that you can store a lot of items and clothing?

Have a think about what main features you want your bedroom to have. For example, is a walk-in wardrobe your number one goal or would you prefer built-in wardrobes that cleverly maximise your storage.

Try and imagine your existing bedroom without any furniture in it – hard we know, so it might be worth getting out a tape measure, paper and pen, and jotting down rough measurements.

Knowing how much space you’ve got to work with will help you to choose how to furnish the room.

Stand back and try and visualise how you would use the space.

It’s important to understand the size of your room so that you can determine which size bed you’ll have and what furniture you can fit in. You also need to leave enough floor space for moving around.

Make sure there’s sufficient room for moving around the bed, space for getting dressed, and for any furniture that you want, such as dressing table.

Decide what elements you believe are crucial in your new bedroom.  Work out a budget that fits comfortably with you. Don’t forget to cost our accessories, wallpaper and paint etc to complete your project.

Make an appointment with CNG Design because this is where we excel. We can come out and see you, take precise measures and give you advice on how to best maximise your space.

This is when you can describe your dream bedroom to us. What features are you really hoping for in your new space? What are the things that you really wouldn’t like to have.

Once we’ve taken a brief from you, Chris will then draw up a plan of your new bedroom – and this is when the magic starts!

You’ll have access to design ideas, fixtures and fittings, décor and styles and be able to look at CNG Design’s own bedroom display areas for inspiration.

We have many different ranges and styles, from modern and sleek to sophisticated and elegant. Remember you can use either freestanding furniture or our modular systems.

If your space is limited – use neutral, light colours. Try to avoid overloading your room with furniture and accessories, it will look cluttered and make your room appear smaller – minimalism is key.

You will receive a CAD drawing of the layout of your new bedroom so that you can see for yourself just how your new space will look.

At this stage you will need to sign off on all the furniture, units and accessories so that we can push on with ordering everything in time for installation.

CNG Design makes the entire process of installing a new bedroom as easy as possible for the customer.

Having been installing bedrooms for many years, we can design, order and install your bedroom with such professionalism and accuracy you will be glad you chose us.

We oversee all aspects of the installation and liaises with each tradesmen involved within the process and benefit from knowing that our in-house installation team are highly trained professionals with the fields of joinery, plumbing and plastering and of course, all the electrician we work with are highly qualified.

Whilst undertaking work within your home, the CNG team will make sure that your space is respected. We will remove and dispose the old bedroom, packaging and other rubbish left over from the installation and make sure that everything is left clean and tidy, not only after project completion, but at the end of every work day.

Q. What have you done in the past that you are most proud of?
A. Being part of the set up of our new showroom in Laurencekirk High Street.
Q. Out of work, what do you like doing the most?
A. Hill Walking
Q. What’s your favourite music.
A. Rock
Q. Dogs or Cats?
A. Dogs
Q. Pizza or Burgers?
A. Burgers!
Q. What do you count as being your best quality?
A. Honest, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, warm and friendly