Schüller Next-125: Designed, Supplied and Fitted by CNG Design

Schuller's Next 125 is a high-end range. It incorporates many features and innovative design ideas normally unavailable. This range is for those discerning clients where form and function is most important. Similar to the Schuller C range, Next 125 is also available handless.

The Schüller Next-125 Range

Schuller's Next 125 is very modern. Hosting a vast array of door finishes such as lacquers, glass and wood veneers, the Next 125 designer collection boasts extreme quality coupled with the flexibility to produce innovative designs for the kitchen in your home. With top-of-the-range materials and cutting edge modern design, this premium but affordable range will make your time in the kitchen pure joy.

Schüller Next-125 Design Features

Some of the main features of the Next125 collection are:

  • Grey interior carcasses
  • Handles or handle-less
  • 'NX motion' soft closing systems
  • A choice of dark grey steel Premium drawer box or tandem drawer box with glass sides
  • Anti slip mats as standard in all drawers
  • Dust seals routed on to the front of all carcasses
  • Plinths in range of finishes with dust seals
  • 750 high base units and 125 plinth for extra storage
  • 350 deep wall units
  • Steel shoe protections on panels to the floor
  • Choice of 10 grip rail colours
  • 125mm height ergonomics

For all who like colour, we offer a wide choice. The next125 range encompasses a range of different styles and looks that include Matt Lacquer, Glass Gloss and Matt, High Gloss, Silk Gloss, Satin Lacquer, Laminate, Laminate High Gloss and Veneered.

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