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It’s fascinating how our living spaces evolve to reflect our lifestyles and priorities. The shift towards more open living rooms signifies a change in how we use these spaces. Instead of being reserved solely for entertaining guests, they now serve as hubs for everyday living, where families spend most of their time together. This shift reflects a broader cultural move towards casual and informal gatherings, where the emphasis is on comfort and connection rather than formality.

The disappearance of physical divides between the kitchen and living room speaks to the desire for greater connectivity within the home. Open-plan layouts promote interaction and communication, allowing people to move freely between different areas without feeling isolated.

The decline of dining rooms as essential spaces reflects changing dining habits and social norms. Informal gatherings in the kitchen or living room have become more popular, emphasising relaxed and convivial atmospheres over formal dinner parties. This shift aligns with a broader trend towards casual entertaining and a preference for flexible, multifunctional spaces within the home.

Overall, these changes in home design reflect broader shifts in how we live, socialise, and prioritise our living spaces. They highlight a desire for greater connectivity, flexibility, and comfort in our homes, reflecting evolving lifestyles and values.

The flexibility in these values are witnessed in our approach to modern living and adapting the same ethos into current home design to gain the same advantage.

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The Process

When it comes to re-designing your central living spaces it can be a really good idea to set out a mood board. Pick out colour schemes, remember that a room is the sum of many parts so try layering up with accessories, plants, side tables and rugs.

Step back and take a good long look at your room. Is it filled with light because it faces south? It is more of a north east facing room that consequently will be darker. What colours do you favour for each of these light conditions?

Try out test areas on walls using different colours, order material swatches and leave them on chairs and sofas so that you ‘feel’ the potential ambience and style of the room taking shape. Different times of the day will create a different feel within the room.

When it comes to living room seating, think about your head count and all the ways you’ll be using your living room: Do you like to entertain? Do you enjoy snuggling up? Do prefer to lounge or sit formally? Create seating opportunities that fit the way your household thrives.

Have fun with the lighting in your room.

Try layering your lighting rather than relying on one source – consider overhead lights, wall lamps and floor lamps to truly make it shine. 

Q. What have you done in the past that you are most proud of?
A. Being part of the set up of our new showroom in Laurencekirk High Street.
Q. Out of work, what do you like doing the most?
A. Hill Walking
Q. What’s your favourite music.
A. Rock
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A. Dogs
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A. Burgers!
Q. What do you count as being your best quality?
A. Honest, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, warm and friendly