Home Office

The most radical change in the way we use homes has come from Covid 19 and the national lockdowns. With the ‘stay at home’ enforcement rules in place, most of the workforce in the UK suddenly had to find that extra space.

As a direct result of the lockdowns, many more of us are now choosing to work from home. A more permanent solution to working from the dining room or kitchen table has had to be found which has resulted in a re-jig of our homes.

Evolution and new product development has certainly come into its own. We now have clever space saving/space creating solutions for any nook and cranny. From the obvious to the hidden away units – our homes now work quite differently.

When deciding not to work from your kitchen or dining room table, the process remains the same for re-arranging your available space.

The office space you have at the office, provided by your employer, will possibly be very different to what you are able to have at home.

It might be worth writing a list of absolute necessities for your home office space and then a wish list.

For example, your office space in town might have included a large desk with a 4 drawer filing cabinet etc. At home, this might not be viable.

Firstly, take a step back and try and imagine your space without any furniture in it – at all.

Then plan for what essentials you need to work effectively – not forgetting that your space should be an area that you enjoy being in. It doesn’t have to be frugal. This can be your chance to add in your own quirks, colours and style.

Why can’t you have a flaming pink flamingo desk light?

When you understand the dimensions of your office space, give Chris a call so that he can show you all the latest home office innovations?

Q. What have you done in the past that you are most proud of?
A. Being part of the set up of our new showroom in Laurencekirk High Street.
Q. Out of work, what do you like doing the most?
A. Hill Walking
Q. What’s your favourite music.
A. Rock
Q. Dogs or Cats?
A. Dogs
Q. Pizza or Burgers?
A. Burgers!
Q. What do you count as being your best quality?
A. Honest, loyal, trustworthy, dependable, warm and friendly